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Member-to-Member Discounts

A Member-to-Member discount program was created to provide members with businesses the opportunity to promote goods and services offered through the business to the other members of the organization. By offering a discount to the members of the organization, members receive an additional benefit and the businesses receive free advertising and promotion.

Policy Guidelines:

  • To participate in the Member-to-Member discount program, an individual or business must be a member of the Cook County Farm Bureau in good standing.
  • The member of business must offer a discount or purchasing advantage to the entire Cook County Farm Bureau organization in order to qualify.
  • Member must complete discount program agreement.
  • The Farm Bureau will list the individual or business participating in the Member-to Member discount program on the Cook County Farm Bureau website.
  • Cook County Farm Bureau does not intend this program to be an endorsement of any of the professionals, business by whom, or by products on which discounts are offered to our members. Cook County Farm Bureau assumes no liability for any services rendered under the program.
  • Products and services offered through the Member-to-Member discount program cannot compete or duplicate the products and services offered by the Cook County Farm Bureau or affiliated companies in which the organization has exclusivity agreements. An example is that insurance or financial products which would compete against our affiliate, Country Financial, may not be offered through this program.
  • The Manager has final right of authorization or refusal of each and every ad that is placed on the website in the Member-to-Member program.
  • Description of products and services must be brief, to the point, and specifically address the discount that will be offered to the rest of the membership of the Cook County Farm Bureau.

The Member-to-Member discount program is designed to be a win-win program for members of the Cook County Farm Bureau. Members who have businesses have the opportunity to grow their businesses through the tremendous membership resource of over 40,000 members of the Cook County Farm Bureau. The members have the opportunity to gain additional discount advantage through the use of the program by simply joining the Cook County Farm Bureau which enhances the overall attraction and benefit package offered by the organization.

Member to Member Discount Program Agreement

Member to Member Discount Form/Application